Half Pipe Jackets

Imperial Steel Tank Company fabricates Half-Pipe (120 Degree) External Jackets in stainless and carbon steel and other metals as required. While Imperial Steel Tank Company also fabricates 180 degree Half-Pipe and full immersion jackets, the 120 degree Half-Pipe offers superior heat transfer area as well as better flow / turbulence for heating and cooling media in boiler pressure vessels.

  • 120 Degree Half Pipe Jackets
  • Superior heat transfer for heating and cooling in boiler pressure vessels
  • “Dog House” Design offers great flexibility and resistance to thermal and mechanical stress

The 120 degree Half-Pipe Jacket can optimize heat transfer and minimize pressure drop through split and / or duplex zoning, and still not result in excessive inlets and outlets. There is a limited amount of heat transfer square footage available on a given vessel, and Imperial Steel Tank Company will work with you to optimize performance across the available area.

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