Hazardous Chemical Tanks

Both ASME stamped pressure vessels and API or UL certified storage tanks may also be categorized as Hazardous Chemical Tanks. A hazardous chemical tank is defined by the contents within the tank rather than by the specific tank design features. Imperial Steel Tank Company has designed, fabricated and installed custom hazardous pressurized chemical tanks based on the customers specific needs since almost everything but water has some degree of hazard associated with it, we ask that MSDS Sheets or a complete chemical description be provided, as well as the following:

  • Material of Construction (If Known)
  • Capacity and Desired Dimensions
  • Pressure / Vacuum Rating ( For pressurized chemical tanks)
  • Heating / Cooling Requirements
  • Size and Number of Process and Access Openings
  • Desired Design Standard (ASME, API, AWWA, …etc.)

Working on a current hazardous bulk chemical tank project?

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For all hazardous bulk material containers, precautions must be taken to ensure the non-reactivity between the tank contents and the material surface of the tank walls. For each of our custom tank designs Imperial Steel Tank Company offers selection assistance from among the following protective options:

  • Rubber Linings
  • Epoxy Linings
  • Phenolic Linings
  • Application specific surface coatings and finishes


Hazardous bulk chemical tanks may be shop fabricated or constructed on site, depending on your needs. We will do everything possible to deliver the best solution for your hazardous material storage project.