Pressure Vessels

ASME Pressure vessels are process specific tanks designed to contain one or more reactive agents at pressures exceeding 15 psi. The reactions inside a pressure vessel may be either endothermic or exothermic in nature. The volatility of the contained reaction and the amount of temperature change are both key components to proper heated pressure vessel design.

Imperial Steel Tank Company designs, builds, and installs ASME pressure vessels, USDA food grade compliant pressure vessels, and temperature controlled or heated pressure vessels conforming to code and non-code requirements. Our company is certified to code stamp each of our products according to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 regulations for U, UM, and R code stamps.

We work with you to develop each of our custom fabricated pressure vessels for your specific application requirements. Our ASME pressure vessel designs have successfully solved complex process containment problems in the chemical and petrochemical industries, the food processing industry, and the pharmaceutical industry among others. To begin the design process, simply provide your Imperial Steel Tank Company representative with the following information:

  • Contents of the ASME pressure vessel, requirements for food grade pressure vessels, etc.
  • Volume of contents held within the ASME pressure vessel
  • Size or dimensional constraints for the pressure vessel
  • Installed configuration of the pressure vessel
  • Pressurized environment maintained within the pressure vessel, requirements for heated pressure vessels.
  • Fill method required for the pressure vessel
  • Agitation method (if any) applied to the pressure vessel
  • Temperature control requirements for the pressure vessel
  • Drainage or cleaning characteristics of the pressure vessel
  • Other details specific to your application process

Working on a current pressure vessel project?

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Once our team has gathered the above information, we can assist in the selection of the appropriate construction materials and tank features to match your design needs. Imperial Steel Tank Company specializes in ASME pressure vessels with walls ranging from gage thickness to heavy-walled vessels. We fabricate our designs from the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel (All Grades)
  • Carbon Steel (All Grades)
  • Nickel and other exotic metals
  • Pressure vessels may be shop fabricated or constructed on site, depending on your application requirements. We will do everything possible to deliver the best solution for your process containment project.