Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks – UL 142 / API 620 / 650

Storage tanks fabricated from carbon steel or stainless steel (All Grades) may also be employed for general storage applications under low pressure (less than 15 psi) or atmospheric conditions. Ask us about non-code and code ( UL 142 (No Stamp), API 620, API 650 ) storage tanks. Imperial Steel Tank Company offers custom carbon steel or stainless steel storage tank designs in the following configurations:

  • Flat-Bottomed/cone roof Storage Vessels
  • Standard water storage tanks
  • Bins & Hoppers
  • Other Unique Storage Tank Variations
  • Fabricate to UL 142 (No Stamp), API 620, API 650 code storage tanks.
  • Carbon steel storage tanks and stainless steel storage tanks used for storage purposes are typically non-pressurized tanks. Storage tanks are found throughout all industrial and governmental facilities.
  • To begin the design process, simply provide your Imperial Steel Tank representative with the following information:
    • Product to be stored in tank ( food, water, etc )
    • Volume of contents held within the storage tank
    • Size or dimensional constraints for the storage tank
    • Installed configuration of the storage tank
    • Fill method required for the storage tank
    • Agitation method (if any) applied to the storage tank
    • Temperature control requirements for the storage tank
    • Drainage or cleaning characteristics of the storage tank
    • Other details specific to your application process


Working on a current storage tank project?

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Imperial Steel Tank Company specializes in carbon steel and stainless steel storage tank designs conforming to American Petroleum Institute standards and UL regulations. We have experience with the following:

  • API 620 Storage Tanks – for large volume, welded, low pressure storage vessels
  • API 650 Storage Tanks – for low pressure storage vessels with frangible roof joints
  • UL 142 Storage Tanks – for above-ground, flammable liquid storage vessels

Imperial Steel Tank Company also provides unique variations to the above standards, and non-code vessels to suit your specific application requirements. Storage vessels may be shop fabricated or constructed on site, depending on your needs. We will do everything possible to deliver the best solution for your material storage project.